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An avante-grade Indian Political thinker Mayadhar Nayak brings out an innovative theory that will, not only, unleash a renaissance in the socio- political economic scenario in India but will act as a catalytic force hastening towards an El-dorado of egalitarian social order throughout the globe. Nayak who acts locally and thinks globallyhas come out with the panacea of repository wisdom out of his long drawn chequered political struggle to solve the intenecine wars between the corporate giant houses and peasantry in order to safeguard the interest of the underdogs of the society in particular and to uphold the values of human race in general.


Latest Works

Land to let

World, today, is gripped between genial co-operation and unprecedented confrontation. The confrontation oozes more out of industrial grid and technological disaster after having safely forgotten the path of agriculture and cottage industries as advocated by the sage father of our nation, M.K.Gandhi.


My Diary

Nayak’s writings - an eruption of the larva of poetic imagination at its zenith.



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