God is Dead by Mayadhar Nayak

Mayadhar Nayak The well known writer from Orissa. His writing introduce a new dimension to the post-Independence era. They depicts the disarrayed social order; aborted democracy; endangered life-values, and confounded leadership. Pioneer of infusing socio-political vibes into modern Oriya literature, his consistent endeavour to desist from the stereotyped creativity has brought in brave, uncompromising characters who are not imprisoned within the clutches of circumstances. They are advocates of collectivity. He has been successful in promoting such neglected characters in the realm of his very own style and immediately effective presentation. In his stories the characters are in incessant search for new horizons, leaving their own homeland, mountains, fields and forests, villages, rivers and suburbs behind. 'As an offbeat political leader; Mayadhar Nayak has always raised his voice for the distressed lots. His literature inspires the masses to awake, arise and march on and on.' God is Dead is the first step forward for a new revolution in literature.